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Business Supplies, Services

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Electronic Merchant Systems

Free Credit Card Terminal!

Credit Card Terminal

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Custom Earpiece

Improve Office Communication, Teamwork!

Custom Earpiece Black Diamond Radio

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Bibbero Systems, Inc.

30% Discount Offer!

Dental Office and Filing Supplies Catalog

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The Practice Marketers

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Georgia Pacific

4x the value

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Weave phones sync with your practice management software to instantly display patient data every time the phone rings. Weave makes every incoming call personable, profitable and productive. Booking more appointments is as easy as switching phone companies.
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Your dental practice and patients depend on it.

Patient data, x-rays, images, insurance information, clinical narratives and more must be accurate, accessible – up to date.

XLDent is the paperless, mobile, time-saving solution you can use to achieve a seamless workflow at every point of patient care. In the process, you greatly enhance your return on investment, service levels, patient satisfaction and case acceptance.

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Weave is revolutionizing the dental industry.
Watch the video below to see how a FREE Weave phone system will help your front staff schedule more appointments and NEVER let revenue generating opportunities slip through the cracks again.